4 Things to Know About Yellow Jackets

Seeing yellow jackets can bring on feelings of fear and anxiety, but it’s much scarier to see them on your property. Their size and appearance are enough to cause concern, but how much do you know about yellow jackets? Knowing the differences between yellow jackets and other flying pests can be very useful to keep you and your family safe. The professionals at Elmira Pest Control are here to apprise you of what you need to know about yellow jackets.

  1. What Are Yellow Jackets?
    Yellow jackets are flying insects that can sting if they feel threatened. Their name comes from the black and yellow pattern on their body. An easy way to distinguish a yellow jacket from a bee is that yellow jackets have a much smaller waist and more segmented bodies.

  2. What Attracts Them?
    A yellow jacket may find its way to your home while looking for food. They eat numerous types of insects, flower nectar, and fruits. Yellow jackets are also known to feed on our food waste, such as food scraps. As far as their shelter of choice, yellow jackets can build nests in trees, attics, and even underground.

  3. Are They Dangerous?
    In short, yellow jackets can be dangerous. They are very territorial and protective of their colony and will only become dangerous if they feel threatened. A sting from a yellow jacket is very painful and venomous, and it can sting more than once. Therefore, if you do not disturb a yellow jacket nest, you should be safe. However, it would be best if you got it professionally removed.

  4. What If I Have a Yellow Jacket Infestation?
    Though you can find DIY pest removal hacks online and insecticide sprays on the market, we urge you not to take matters into your own hands if you see yellow jackets on your property. Your actions are more likely to anger them, which will only put you and your family in danger. Instead, contact a pest removal professional to quickly and safely remove the yellow jackets from your home without causing harm to anyone.

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