Spiders are often considered helping hands when it comes to dealing with other small pests out in the garden or yard, but what do you do when they decide to move in uninvited? Below are a few common questions and tips to help you understand what attracts spiders into your home and how to deal with them.

What Attracts Spiders to Your House?

Spiders can live in all manner of climates, so it’s not always about escaping the cold of winter (or beating the heat of summer) that necessarily drives them indoors. Your home is full of the cozy, dark nooks and crannies spiders love, but the number one thing that attracts them is food. The great thing about spiders is they eat other bugs, but we often wish they’d dine elsewhere when they’re in your home. The best thing you can do is be sure you’re cleaning out your trash cans, not leaving food lying around that will attract insects.

Does Killing a Spider Attract More?

This is a popular rumor, but no! While it is true that bees and some wasps release a pheromone when they sting that can call others, spiders are a considerably more solitary lot.

How Can I Keep Spiders Out of My Bedroom?

All insects remove what they eat and eliminate their hiding places. Wash your sheets regularly, and don’t eat in bed. It’s also essential to keep tidy by dusting your ceilings, potted plants, or anywhere else a spider is likely to try and construct a web. If you want additional peace of mind, give us a call and let Twin Forks Pest Control® handle it.

Can Spiders Live in Mattresses?

As much as a spider can live anywhere, yes. While the thought of waking up to a spider in your bed is terrifying, there is nothing in particular about your mattress attracting spiders to live in it. Follow the same steps as above to avoid creating a habitat for spiders to reduce the likelihood of finding an arachnid in your bed.

How Do You Get Rid of a Spider Infestation?

Things can quickly move into horror movie territory when a spider has made your home into their maternity ward. Spiders typically create egg sacs with hundreds or thousands of baby spiders in them. The most important thing you can do, of course, keeps your home tidy and be on the lookout for spider webs with egg sacs in them to remove them before they become a problem.

Trust Elmira Control® To Remove Spiders from Your Home

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