Flea Extermination

$299 Initial Treatment

$99 follow up treatments

Price is per household (Single apartment or Single family house)

How do I prepare for a flea treatment?

Before we visit your home, please vacuum all carpeted areas and couches/chairs and then throw away the bag or empty the canister. Wash all pet bedding in hot water. Also, please treat your pets with vet-approved flea treatments. YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS AFTER OUR TREATMENT. Fish tanks should be covered with a towel and circulator turned off or unplugged. Pets should also be removed from the home during and after the treatment. You will also want to remove as many items off the floor as possible, such as under beds and in closets. Generally there is no need to move furniture.

What do I need to do after our treatment?

The most important thing you need to do after a flea treatment is to vacuum all carpeted areas daily for at least 2 to 3 weeks following our treatment. The reason for this is that fleas lay eggs, many times on pets. As pets walk around the house, the eggs fall off of your pet into the carpet. By vacuuming, the vibration and heat from the vacuum cause the eggs to hatch and come in contact with our product. Also vacuuming helps remove eggs and fleas from the area.

How many treatments do I need?

Fleas generally only need one treatment, but this really depends on how well you prepare for the treatment and, most importantly, how much you vacuum following our treatment. In the summer months, fleas are the most active, so it’s more common in July, August, and September to require multiple visits. If you are hiring us to treat a vacant house or apartment, then please note it can be very difficult to eliminate fleas. Fleas need a host to survive. Generally a host would be a cat or dog. If the host is removed and the home is vacant, then the fleas become somewhat dormant until another host or human enter. If the fleas are dormant when we treat, then they will not come in contact with our products.

How do your one-time treatments work?

Lets say we come out to treat your house on June 1st for ants and after two weeks or so you’re still having fleas. Give us a call and if it’s within 30 days of your original service, we’ll come back and retreat the area for only $75, so in this example by July 1st. Now let’s say that you have a lot of fleas and it requires more treatments. As long as you keep calling within 30 days of your last service, the call-back rate would only be $75.

Where do you treat?

For the most part, we will just treat the interior of your home for fleas. In the Pacific Northwest it is rare to have fleas outside. When we do our interior treatment, we will focus mainly on carpeted areas. We will do a broadcast spray on all carpeted surfaces, especially getting underneath beds and couches and other areas where pets may hide. If you have hardwood floors, we’ll treat cracks and crevices.