Spider Extermination

$399 Initial Treatment

$75 follow up treatments

Price is per household (Single apartment or Single family house)

Should I choose a one-time treatment or your quarterly plan?

Spiders are a year-long problem, but are mostly active in the summer and fall. In the late-summer and early-fall is a spider’s mating season and this is when you’ll see them in your yard more…as you walk through their webs! Our one-time treatment offers a quick knock down of spiders and helps control the population. Our quarterly plan is great because it catches spiders before they eggs. If you’re looking for a quick reduction in spiders, then the one-time is a good way to go, but if you’re wanting to help control spiders long-term, then our quarterly option would be best.

What is involved in your treatment and do you remove spider webs?

On the exterior of the home we will treat the foundation of your home, around entry points (such as doors and windows), with our extension poles we’ll knock down and remove spider webs, and then we’ll granulate a 10-foot perimeter around the home. Our spider treatments vary on the interior of a the home. Interior treatments could include spraying around entry points and baseboards, installing spider traps, or dusting cracks and crevices. Generally we do not treat your crawlspace or attic for spiders as this practice is not needed to control spiders. We do have some customers that request this service and we’d be happy to do so. There is an additional fee of $50 per crawlspace or attic to do this and you must vacate your home for 4 hours after our treatment. If you do not want us to treat your crawlspace or attic, then there is no need to leave your home during our service. The product used to treat your crawlspace and attic is not a standard product carried on our technician’s trucks, so you must specifically request this type of treatment 48 hours prior to service. Also treating a crawlspace or attic for spiders can cause a “fleeing” effect and cause an increase of spider activity in the home for 2 to 3 weeks following this type of treatment. When it comes to removing spiders webs and eggs, we will try out hardest to get rid of as many webs and eggs as we can. In some homes, especially homes located near water, you may need to contact a company to pressure wash your home to get rid of all webs and egg sacs. If you are going to have your home pressure washed, we recommend having us treat after this is done. Our extension poles reach about 20-feet, so we will knock down any spider webs we can within our reach.

How many treatments do you need?

This is a tough question to answer as every house is different. Houses that are located near water or that have a lot of trees and bushes are generally going to have a higher spider population and may require more treatments. Customers requesting service during the spider mating season (Late July through October) generally require multiple treatments. A majority of houses we treat see reductions in spiders in the first 2 to 3 weeks. On average, most customers need 1 to 3 treatments.

How effective are your treatments?

We use the best products and methods available to control spiders, but there are many factors in controlling spiders. Most customers see a reduction of spiders within 2 to 3 weeks of our treatment; however, customers requesting treatments in late July through October (spider mating season) may not see drastic results at first and will probably require multiple treatments. For best results, we recommend our quarterly service so we can treat during all life-cycles of a spider. A spider mating season is in the late summer and early fall, so this is when spiders are most active. After this, in the fall, spiders lay their eggs, and then in the spring the eggs hatch. Our quarterly service will help control spiders through all these seasons and offer better protection year-round. Customers who live near water and/or wooded areas, such as green belts, will almost always have a higher spider population and require more treatments.

How do your one-time treatments work?

We offer one-time treatments for customers not looking for extended control. For spiders we do feel that our year-long program is the best way to go, but if you want to try us out first, we’d be glad to help you out. Here’s how our one-time treatments work. Lets say we come out to treat your house on June 1st for ants and after two weeks or so you’re still having spiders. Give us a call and if it’s within 45 days of your original service, we’ll come back and retreat the area for only $50, so in this example by July 15th. Now let’s say that you have a lot of spiders and it requires more treatments. As long as you keep calling within 45 days of your last service, the call-back rate would only be $50. On our follow-up visits, many times we will not treat the exterior of your home again. The reason for this is because the products we applied on the exterior will keep working for 1 to 3 months. Your technician will make a judgement call depending on the circumstances.

Are your products safe/green?

There is always some risk involved with what we do. For our treatments, generally there is no need to leave your home during and after our treatment; however, if you have have chemical sensitive individuals or pets in the home, then you may want to leave. We use a wide array of products to get rid of spiders. Some of them are considered organic and green, while others are synthetic products. The synthetic products we use are generally a pyrethroid class of chemical, which the EPA has said “…exposures from the many current uses of pyrethrins and pyrethoid insecticides do not pose risk concerns for children or adults”. Obviously common sense needs to be enforced, so no licking or touching our products…especially while wet! Most products dry within an hour on the interior and 30 minutes on the exterior. We do offer a completely green/organic treatment at the same price for those customers who request it. With spiders our green products to a very good job with a quick knock-down (reduction) in spiders. The problem with green products is that they offer very little, if any, residual, so it’s very difficult to control spiders for the long term. For those customers wanting a green/organic treatment, please be aware that you’ll probably need multiple treatments.